Milbank SynapSwitch® Transfer Switches

Milbank is proud to introduce its new SynapSwitch® Automatic Transfer Switch. Compatible with our 8-48kW home standby generators, the SynapSwitch® will immediately signal your generator to start up in the event of a power outage — so when the power goes out, you won’t be left in the dark. The SynapSwitch® is the latest innovation developed by Milbank’s research and development team. While competing transfer switches only measure one aspect of power, the SynapSwitch® calculates voltage and frequency — a predictive, proactive process that allows for pairing with a smaller generator — saving time and money all around.

  • Load Management - The new automatic transfer switch can manage up to two electrical loads, enabling you to receive whole-house power from a smaller generator.
  • Lower Cost/Smaller Footprint - Homeowners can save money with a smaller, lower-cost generator. While consuming less fuel, your generator is making a smaller carbon footprint during operation.
  • Load Priority - The switch intelligently selects managed loads based on priority or load size.
  • LED Status Indicator - The indicator shows whether load is under utility or generated power and indicates which managed loads are on or off.
  • Easy Installation - The automatic transfer switch has ample space to land utility, generator and load conductors.
  • Generator Disconnect - The disconnect allows the generator to be quickly taken out of service in the event of emergency shutoff.
  • NEMA 3R Cabinet - This durable enclosure is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.
  • Adaptability - The intelligent switch automatically adapts to seasonal changes of the loads.

How To Select the Ideal Automatic Transfer Switch

Once you've selected a generator, selecting an automatic transfer switch requires that you focus on two things:

  • Service Amps: Milbank automatic transfer switches come in two sizes: 100 amps and 200 amps. To determine your needs, first take a look at the main breaker on your distribution panel. If you have a 200 amp main breaker (which is common in new homes), you will need a 200 amp WHOLE HOUSE automatic transfer switch. If you have a 100 amp main breaker (which is common in older homes), you will need a 100 amp WHOLE HOUSE automatic transfer switch.
  • Installation: Once you have selected a switch, there are basically two ways to install an automatic transfer switch:

    Standard Installation: The most common option is to install it inside the home next to the main distribution panel. Your electrician will also need to install a sub–panel to manage the load properly.

    Service Disconnect: Milbank also offers automatic transfer switches with “service entrance disconnect.” These outdoor transfer switches are connected directly to your home's utility meter instead of the main circuit panel. The service disconnect option eliminates the need for the sub–panel.

How It Works

Home Generator Systems feature a continuous fuel supply from either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane and are permanently connected via a transfer switch to your home's electrical system for an automatic response to power failure.

  • The Home Generator System's computer–controlled Transfer Switch continually monitors your connection to local utility power.
  • When utility power is disrupted, the transfer switch confirms that a true power outage has occurred and signals the standby generator to start.
  • The system supplies backup power to your home within 30 seconds. When utility power is restored, the system automatically senses it, restores utility power, and resumes monitoring until the next utility failure.







Model MATS10011 MATS15012 MATS20011 MATS20012
Phase Single Phase 240V Single Phase 240V Single Phase 240V Single Phase 240V
Limited Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Circuits Whole House Whole House Whole House Whole House
Service entrance disconnect Yes Yes Yes Yes
(L x W x H)
6.54" x 18.25" x 27.15" 6.54" x 18.25" x 27.15" 6.54" x 18.25" x 27.15" 6.54" x 18.25" x 27.15"
Weight 42 lbs. 42 lbs. 42 lbs. 42 lbs.
Intelligent Synap Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voltage 120/240 120/240 120/240 120/240
Poles 2 2 2 2
Lug capacities 1/0 to 14AWG 1/0 to 250MCM 4 to 600MCM 4 to 600MCM
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Fault current rating 22,000 22,000 22,000 22,000
Compatible generator units MG08001, MG10002, MG12003, MG17001, MG20003 MG08001, MG10002, MG12003, MG17001, MG20003 MG08001, MG10002, MG12003, MG17001, MG20003 MG2524011BS, MG3524011BS, MG3524011IL, MG4824011BS,