Powering Relief: Milbank PowerGen Generators Help Power the Joplin Recovery


On May 22, 2011 at 5:30 p.m., a catastrophic F5 tornado cut a seven–mile long, three–quarter–mile wide path through the heart of Joplin, Mo., destroying a third of the city. Much of the city's infrastructure was completely destroyed. Gaining access to electricity was a critical first step on its road to recovery.


Milbank was contacted by an area distributor, and through the Milbank OneSERT program, more than140 generators were in the area and operational within 24 hours of the storm's strike. Local contractors and electricians worked around the clock to help the 8,000 families affected rebuild and restore their homes and lives.


While the devastation in the wake of the storm was incredible, the outpouring of support was equally impressive—thousands upon thousands of volunteers from across the country joined the Joplin community to rebuild the community. Milbank's portable generators ran almost non–stop in the weeks after the storm. Even after electricity was restored to the local grid, utility companies would not restore power to individual homes, for safety reasons, until after they were in compliance with local codes.

Milbank is honored for the opportunity to help empower the Joplin community during its recovery and rebuilding.