Milbank powergen – Accessories

Power Management System Upgrade

Featuring patented computer-controlled technology, this Power Management System upgrade further expands your generator's range and performance by automatically prioritizing and managing an additional four high-demand 240V appliances. Model MG0501440

Cold Weather Package

An oil heater and battery warmer are both thermostatically controlled to heat up when the temperature drops, ensuring smooth starting and engine operation. Items also available separately. Package: Model MG111102

  • Battery Warmer Only
    Model MG240100
  • Oil Heater Only
    Model MG240101

Maintenance Kits

Includes special UL air filter, pre-cleaner, spark plugs, oil filter, and synthetic oil.

  • 7kW Series
    Model MG070022
  • 10-12kW Series
    Model MG101222
  • 15-20kW Series
    Model MG151822