Milbank powergen

Home Standby Generators

When the power goes out, don't be left in the dark. Milbank generators are the keys to living your life uninterrupted — providing power when, where and how you need it. Eliminate interrupted tomorrows with the peace of mind, continuity and safety our generators provide for any of your industrial, residential or portable needs.

8 & 10kW Series
  • Keep essential appliances and more powered with the 8 & 10kW
  • NFPA 37 Compliant
  • Innovative air-flow technology
  • 3-year warranty
12kW Series
  • Powers the essentials as well as two 4–ton air conditioners* – ideal for medium sized homes
  • NFPA 37 Compliant
  • Galvaneal steel provides durable outdoor enclosure
  • 4 – year warranty
17 & 20kW Series
  • Can power the whole house or essential circuits plus two 4–ton or 5–ton air conditioners* – ideal for medium to large sized homes
  • Air–cooled, horizontal design
  • NFPA 37 Compliant
  • 4 – year warranty
25kW Series
  • Ideal for large-sized homes and businesses
  • Liquid-cooled, horizontal design
  • Rust-resistant, Galvanneal steel enclosures are made from the same materials and paint process used in the automotive industry, resulting in years of protection against chips and abrasions.
  • NFPA 37 Compliant
  • 4 – year warranty
35-62kW Series
  • Ideal for extra large-sized and luxury homes, our commercial–grade units allow you to meet the power needs of all of life's luxuries
  • GM Vortec engine to provide sophisticated yet extremely durable industrial–grade power
  • Durable all–climate enclosure – perfect of years of all–season outdoor protection
  • 4 – year warranty