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Synap 6

Green homes demand energy management solutions that are as intelligent and as thoughtful in energy management design as they are. Existing solutions are costly, unsightly and fail to deliver on the full promise of sustainability. With integrated metrology, control, communication, protection systems and more, the elegant and versatile Synap 6 intelligently manages connected devices, empowering a next–generation level of efficiency.


With unmatched computing power, the Synaps6 simplifies energy management for homes utilizing distributed generation. A single control module governs six slave modules, each consisting of a metrology circuit and a disconnect switch, and each connected to an easy–to–install source of storage input (e.g. wind turbine, generator, battery array). The system synchronizes all electrical sources, storage solutions and loads so they work together on a whole new level of efficiency.


Say goodbye to unsightly automatic transfer switch set–ups. The Synaps6 delivers on the full promise of design, safety, and cost savings with smart design that makes installation simple and future source integration a cinch.


Integrated wired and wireless communication protocols help the intelligent Synaps6 seamlessly manage grid and distributed generation sources, as well as electrical loads on a property. The system is even able to turn off non– critical devices, or draw energy from storage to reduce consumption from the grid. It is also able to buy and sell energy to exploit tariff differentials. Now that's power.


The Synaps6 controls up to six on– or off–grid power sources as as electrical loads. It also tracks energy distribution and consumption, providing synthesized data homeowners can use to monitor their usage. The interface also allows user to adjust system behavior, making their home run "greener" and more cost–effectively by switching draw from the grid to on–site instantly. Imagine what you can bring to life every day with the power of the Synaps6.