Milbank designs custom lighting controls for Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge to replace outdated equipment

Left: An outdated lighting control cabinet along the Skyway Bridge in Chicago, Ill.
Right: Newly installed Milbank enclosed control solution 

The Problem
Built by the City of Chicago in 1958, the Skyway Toll Bridge connects Northwest Indiana to the heart of Chicago and spans 7.8 miles long. The bridge had 19 aging lighting control cabinets that needed to be replaced. The challenge was that the new cabinets needed to all be one standard size, but also have the ability to fit on various types of bases and structures. 

The Solution
Milbank engineers designed a safe, durable and sleek application to replace the existing cabinets along the bridge. They designed each cabinet with openings that could be adjusted at the base for an easy fit on multiple structures. The new applications have custom features, a sleeker design, updated components and the ability to fit on the various existing bases.