Milbank proudly welcomed more than 50 members of the Kansas City Manufacturing Network (KCMN) to our Kansas City plant on Tuesday, June 12. Visitors enjoyed breakfast and a brief presentation on the history of Milbank and our lean journey. Following the presentation, they were given a tour of our newly renovated manufacturing plant, offering a firsthand look at our production process and improvements.
“Sharing knowledge and best practices with our peers is vital to the growth of the U.S. manufacturing industry,” said Troy Maki, Vice President of Manufacturing, Milbank. “We are lucky to have family ownership that supports our commitment to growth and innovation, allowing us to take chances on our journey of continuous improvement.”  
Established in 1993, KCMN is comprised of manufacturing company owners, managers and emerging leaders, charged to share new ideas and best practices. They focus on opportunities for networking, leadership and engagement with the manufacturing community. KCMN also provides resources to its members including: panel discussions, case studies, group events and more. Members of the KCMN believe cultivating relationships with various networks and associations is extremely beneficial for growth opportunities and future success for companies in the industry.
Milbank enjoyed hosting KCMN and introducing the group to our manufacturing process and products.
We constantly seek opportunities to strengthen relationships, reach new organizations and exemplify our standing as a leader in the manufacturing community.