Milbank Jumps into Action after Hurricanes

Milbank was saddened to hear employees of our rep partners at Bell & McCoy Houston lost homes, cars and belongings in the flood, so we began a company-wide effort to collect funds. Our employee donations, combined with company matching dollars, allowed us to send a total of $13,625 to help members of the Milbank family, and other hurricane victims, get back on their feet.

Milbank is also helping in the best way we know how: building quality products and getting them to the people who need them.

After Harvey hit and Irma was expected, we ramped up production by 20% in Kansas City, and nearly 50% in El Dorado, in preparation for large orders from both hurricane affected regions. We will meet the ongoing demand by adding at least a dozen more employees in the plants.

Brian Burnham, Outside Sales at Bell & McCoy, commented, As your rep in Houston, we are affected first hand and really appreciate y’all jumping through hoops to get sockets, generators, temp power panels, tap boxes, and everything else down to us.

As cleanup and rebuilding efforts ramp up, we look forward to helping our industry partners and watching as the hurricane affected areas come back stronger than ever.