Milbank is proud to introduce a new website that makes it easier to search, view and compare specs and images on over 4,000 products. This new feature is made possible by Milbank’s investment in Product Information Management (PIM) software designed to collect, store and display the most accurate information on each product for the website and industry data pools.

To begin a product search, users can click on 'Products' in the top navigation bar. Then they select a product category (either Metering and Pedestals or Enclosures and Wireway).
Next, the user can type in a simple keyword in the product search box like “wireway” or a part number like “u7040.”
From there, results can be filtered down to find the exact product they’re looking for. The keyword can also be deleted, utilizing only the filters.
 Users can compare up to three products by clicking the “compare” button next to a product result.

When ready to compare, the user can click 'compare' to see the specs side by side.
Clicking on a product from the results or compare products page will bring you to its detail page, where you can print or email a spec sheet.

The sales and marketing team is excited to provide customers with a large collection of up-to-date product information on a website that mirrors the quality they expect from Milbank.