Milbank is pleased to recognize Callas Kingsley as its 2017 Rep of the Year. Milbank’s Rep of the Year award program was new for 2017, and is awarded to one rep agency based on the following criteria:

  • Positive growth over prior year new sales volume in at least five of the eight Milbank product lines

  • Extensive knowledge of Milbank products and internal processes

  • Uncovering new opportunities with future growth potential

  • Exceptional customer relationships

  • Responsive, professional and courteous interactions with Milbank personnel

Callas Kingsley has represented Milbank in Illinois and Wisconsin for more than 10 and five years, respectively. In 2017 the agency more than doubled its 2016 sales, allowing Milbank to maintain over 80% market share in both territories.
In the past year, Callas Kingsley has met with every major utility and municipality in their regions to gain or solidify approval of Milbank’s CT cabinet line. Callas Kingsley proactively works with their utilities and distributors to identify new products and opportunities. They developed a new dual-headed meter for the Exelon utility, for use in applications with sensitive data and high cyber security. It is now the standard for these types of applications.
Callas Kingsley hired a second inside sales employee to support Milbank initiatives and also sent three people to Milbank’s Institute of Training (MIT) to learn about new products, procedures and manufacturing processes.
Congratulations to all the folks at Callas Kingsley for their many accomplishments in 2017!