PWRvance: Empowering Tomorrow

PWRvance is redefining power distribution by producing fully customizable high-amperage cabinets, driven by nearly a century of Milbank innovation. With tailor-made solutions and unmatched results, PWRvance is empowering the energy of tomorrow through next-level power distribution.

Explore the offerings of PWRvance, showcasing its unwavering commitment to innovation and the transformative impact it is making in the electrical industry.

PWRvance: Behind the Brand

PWRvance, backed by Milbank Manufacturing, draws strength from its parent company's legacy as an industry leader in metering equipment, enclosures and enclosed controls. Milbank, thriving for over 95 years, attributes its enduring success to the ability to pivot and respond to change with a steadfast commitment to innovation in the electrical industry.

Surviving in a dynamic market requires focus on the evolving landscapes. PWRvance, inspired by Milbank's century-long triumph, is poised for a promising future within the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure sector.

The guidance of Milbank's proven success shapes PWRvance's trajectory, ensuring a strategic alignment with the evolving demands of the electrical industry and a dedicated focus on contributing to the advancement of EV infrastructure.

Redefining Power Distribution

Our purpose-built and tailor-made power distribution solutions are engineered according to your specific project needs. Customers have complete control in choosing exactly what they need with the ability to cater to every project’s unique needs.

The next generation of power distribution is here, powering progress, with customized capabilities for all EV charging sites. PWRvance is crafting cabinets for everything from Level 2 and 3 charging sites to DC fast charging sites, even charging sites for an entire fleet.

Precision Engineering for Peak Performance

Our high-amperage power distribution cabinets stand out as a pinnacle of quality engineering. Each unit is crafted with precision, utilizing only the highest quality materials, ensuring robust performance and durability.

PWRvance is no stranger to meeting and exceeding rigorous industry standards, following the path Milbank paved, as each cabinet goes through extensive testing on-site.

Beyond Function: Designed for Aesthetics and Efficiency

PWRvance extends beyond power distribution with a unique design philosophy that not only distinguishes its products but also places a strong emphasis on aesthetic appeal with a smaller footprint. These cabinets, characterized by a sleek, modern profile, provide reliable power distribution without disturbing surrounding greenspace or landscaping.

The need for multiple components is eliminated with everything needed for efficient power distribution provided in one cabinet, designed to blend without taking up unnecessary space. More information on optional customizations provided later.

Recognizing the significance of aesthetics across all settings, PWRvance ensures that its power distribution cabinets not only excel in functionality but also contribute to the visual harmony of the spaces they inhabit.

With the customizations available, PWRvance high-amperage cabinets can be designed to adapt to local requirements for greenspace, without compromising performance. PWRvance remains committed to delivering exceptional performance while being mindful of the existing terrain.

Amidst the rapid expansion of the EV infrastructure, where integrating high-amperage cabinets poses a unique challenge, PWRvance stands out. It is dedicated to supporting the growth of EV chargers while preserving the aesthetic integrity of green spaces.

PWRvance represents the epitome of both form and function, with each cabinet custom-engineered for individual applications. It provides necessary components with an unwavering commitment to aesthetic appeal, ensuring that our cabinets not only meet power distribution needs but also seamlessly blend into the landscape, aligning with the modern and aesthetic preferences of our customers.

The PWRvance Advantage

In the ever-evolving dynamic of the electrical industry, PWRvance emerges not just as a provider of high-amperage power distribution cabinets but as a transformative force. The PWRvance advantage is not merely in the products it delivers but in the unparalleled features and innovations that redefine the standards of power distribution.

Faster Lead Times

At PWRvance, we place paramount emphasis on the significance of prompt solutions. Aligning with our constant commitment to efficiency, our high-amperage power distribution cabinets are carefully crafted to provide swift lead times, ensuring timely delivery to our valued customers.

The core of our approach lies in a streamlined production process that optimizes every step, from inception to delivery. We have forged close collaborations with meticulously chosen vendors, ensuring the seamless sourcing of all individual components.

Furthermore, our dedication to efficiency is exemplified through the incorporation of EV-ready designs, significantly reducing engineering time. This strategic formula crafted for efficient practices allows us to expedite our production timelines, delivering a finished product promptly to meet the dynamic needs of our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Committed to Utility Approval and Integrated Design Excellence

Within our continuous partnerships with power utilities across the nation, PWRvance upholds a relentless dedication to securing approvals for our high-amperage power distribution cabinets.

This ongoing and strategic initiative is a testament to our commitment to meeting and surpassing the rigorous standards established by diverse utility providers. Beyond mere compliance, we strive to exceed expectations in delivering cabinet designs that go above and beyond stringent industry requirements.

Utility approvals not only enhance the overall efficiency of our cabinets but also adds a layer of convenience for our clients. PWRvance stands firm in its mission to provide power distribution solutions that not only meet regulatory criteria but also enhance operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless and optimal experience for our valued customers.

Accelerated Progress with Streamlined Integration

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond design approvals, with additional focus on optimizing installation processes. By incorporating user-friendly features and meticulous engineering from the PWRvance team, we ensure that our high-amperage power distribution cabinets facilitate faster and more efficient installations.

Units are designed to consolidate multiple enclosures into one efficient cabinet, including features like:
·       CT rack
·       Meter socket
·       Main breaker
·       Branch breakers
·       Up to 150kVA transformer
This dedication to speed not only enhances project timelines but also underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients across the nation.

Scaling Power to Meet Project Demands

PWRvance takes pride in providing unmatched amperage capacity, offering power distribution solutions that cater to a spectrum of project requirements. The availability of four different units showcases the brand's commitment to scalability and efficiency.

600 Amps: Versatility in a Compact Package

The 600 Amp unit from PWRvance is a testament to versatility in a compact package. Ideal for smaller-scale projects or specific applications, this unit delivers the necessary power capacity with efficiency and reliability. PWRvance ensures that even in a smaller footprint, the performance is not compromised.

800 Amps: Stepping Up for Increased Demands

As power requirements escalate, PWRvance steps up with an 800 Amp unit. This higher capacity ensures scalability without compromising on performance. Whether it's a mid-sized project or an application that demands more power, the 800 Amp unit provides a robust solution that meets and exceeds industry standards.

1200 Amps: Powering Larger-Scale Projects

In the realm of larger-scale projects, the 1200 Amp unit from PWRvance becomes a powerhouse. Delivering comprehensive power distribution capabilities, this unit is designed to handle the increased demands of more extensive installations. PWRvance ensures that even in high-amperage scenarios, their power distribution cabinets maintain efficiency and reliability.

2000 Amps: Reaching New Heights in Power Distribution

PWRvance reaches new heights with its 2000 Amp unit, addressing the demands of high-amperage applications with unparalleled efficiency. This unit caters to the most power-intensive scenarios, showcasing the brand's commitment to providing solutions that cover the entire spectrum of project needs. PWRvance ensures that, even in the most demanding environments, these high-amperage power distribution cabinets stand as pillars of reliability and performance.

NEVI Site Ready: Paving the Way for the Future

In a time where electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent, PWRvance stands at the forefront of innovation with its NEVI site readiness. Approved for use by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula (NEVI) program, PWRvance power distribution cabinets are more than just solutions for today; they are paving the way for the future of electric vehicle infrastructure.

The NEVI site readiness certification signifies PWRvance's forward-thinking approach. By aligning with the standards set by the NEVI program, PWRvance ensures that its products seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies and industry trends, while still maintaining approval from local utilities.

This certification is not just a validation of the current capabilities of PWRvance power distribution cabinets but a testament to their readiness for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Embracing Innovation with PWRvance

As we stand at the edge of a new era in power distribution, the time to embrace innovation and sustainability is now. PWRvance invites you to be a part of this transformative journey towards a greener and more efficient future. Visit to explore our cutting-edge high-amperage power distribution cabinets and discover how we are reshaping the landscape of energy infrastructure.

PWRvance emerges not only as a provider but as a pioneer in the electrical industry. With a legacy rooted in Milbank's century-long commitment to innovation, we are redefining power distribution for tomorrow.

Our journey goes beyond delivering products; it's about empowering our customers to build a sustainable future. From customizable solutions to faster lead times and more efficient installation, we prioritize excellence in every aspect. The PWRvance advantage lies not just in what we offer today but, in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our products are ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Explore our website, delve into the intricacies of our high-amperage power distribution cabinets, and witness how PWRvance is shaping the future of electric vehicle charging. Your journey towards a more and efficient power distribution begins at

Join us in empowering the energy of tomorrow with PWRvance.