Crafting Success: Unveiling the Top 10 Reasons Milbank is Your Ultimate Career Destination

Manufacturing isn’t just an industry for those that love problem solving or working with their hands, although it is very much that, too. A career in manufacturing can be for those that love science and math, or those that love figuring out how things work… there’s even careers in manufacturing for the creative souls. 

A career in manufacturing is nothing like it was in generations past. Milbank encourages career growth with clear pathways to advanced skills and positions. More than 500 employees in three manufacturing facilities plus our distribution centers and corporate headquarters means there is truly something for everyone. Milbank offers an array of job opportunities in everything from machinery and assembly to engineering and technology. 

There are hundreds of reasons to join our Milbank family, but sharing all of them would take hours. Instead, we’ve narrowed it down to our very own top ten reasons to work with us. If any of these resonate with you, visit our careers page to apply for your perfect match today. 

10: Your Future Co-Workers Agree, Milbank is THE Best Company 

We checked in with our Milbank co-workers and they all agreed, the Milbank work environment is unmatched. When we asked current employees to share their favorite part of working at Milbank, the general consensus was the people- the camaraderie and family feel is really hard to beat. However, there were plenty of employees who appreciated the generous lunch breaks and fun Milbank events, too. 

9: You Get to Use Cool Tools

Each of our manufacturing facilities has state-of-the-art machinery with training programs in place. Nearly a hundred years of successful production relies on the knowledge and skill of Milbank employees, and that means getting to use some pretty awesome tools. 

But, using the latest technology means empowering employees to stay on a constant path of learning. Milbank employees in all areas of the company are given the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest trainings for all technology they use daily. 

8: Milbank is Committed to Lean Enterprise

A focus on lean manufacturing has allowed Milbank to cut down on warehouse space, reorganize plants so the flow of goods moves more smoothly and provide high-quality products more efficiently. This dedication means continuously looking at the process to make sure we are doing what works best for the company and best for our customers.

Our employees are always helping make improvements to our systems by suggesting process changes and voicing their thoughts. Milbank tries to empower all employees to contribute to the continuous improvement of the company. 

7: You Meet Some Truly Amazing People

It’s okay to love your job and to even look forward to going to work. We all do, it’s kind of our thing at Milbank. The leadership team here at Milbank has created such an intentional, positive work environment, it’s nearly impossible to not enjoy being here. 

Such an important piece of adulthood is learning what you like, and don’t like, in a job. Milbank is driven by employee feedback and has really honed in on what makes people want to come back each day. It’s a challenge that our leadership team in invested in for the long haul. 

6: Milbank Has a “Never Stop Learning” Mentality 

Milbank’s success is a result of a team effort, with every single person in the company doing their job and doing it well. That means training and continued education are a must. This thought relies on support from every level of Milbank. 

Continued education couldn’t work without investment from the board of directors, the dedication of training leaders who are certified in lean and our team on the manufacturing floor in all locations who carry out improvements daily.

On the other side of this is Milbank as a company is on a constant quest for improvement. As part of the journey to create the most efficient practices possible, Milbank leadership is always communicating with those that are on the manufacturing floor to see how things can be adjusted to optimize production. 

5: Milbank Encourages a Healthy Work/Life Balance 

The expectations are clear from the start when you arrive on-site as a new Milbank employee- there’s a job to be done during the workday, but once it’s time to leave, the workday ends. Weekends, evenings, holidays… those are for YOU. One of the most essential ingredients to having a career that you love is the perfect work/life balance and Milbank has truly perfected the art. 

4: Milbank is a Leader in the Electrical Industry

Milbank is a well-known and respected name within the electrical industry. Over the past 100 years, Milbank has developed a reputation for producing quality metering products. 

Anyone in the electrical industry will tell you that Milbank is synonymous with metering. Milbank has built successful relationships with utilities, departments of transportation and municipalities across the US as a reputable manufacturer.  

3: The Company Culture at Milbank is Unlike Any Other

The servant leadership mentality has an incredible effect on the Milbank company culture as a whole.  Just imagine coming to work every day, knowing that your boss is going to do everything they can to ensure your success, while efficiently managing the team… it’s quite a magical feeling to say the least. The result is a positive work environment that keeps employees coming back.

2: Milbank is Guided by Servant Leadership

Everyone in a managerial position at Milbank is dedicated to guiding their team with servant leadership. That means they put an emphasis on the needs of their team, not their own successes. All Milbank leaders focus on the greater good and how they can build up each individual within their team to attain a common goal. 

We’ve all experienced, or know someone who’s experienced, company leadership that’s a little out of touch with what actually goes on at the company. Not here, not at Milbank. Our leadership team is at the core of our Milbank community and completely in tune with the daily operations. 

Milbank VPs are always seen collaborating with employees and working together toward quality, innovation, financial strength and community involvement. The industry knowledge of our leaders runs deep, deeper still is their commitment to doing what’s best for Milbank and our employees.

Where else can you have coffee with the company CEO in the morning and a lunch chat with the owners in the afternoon? That’s a normal occurrence at Milbank. 

1: Milbank has Nearly a Century of Success as an American Manufacturer

For a company to stick around for almost 100 years through the ups and downs of the American economy, they must be doing something right. Milbank Manufacturing was founded by Charlie Milbank in 1927 and has been setting the standard for quality metering equipment and enclosures ever since. 

Milbank has spent the past 95+ years adapting, learning and evolving as a company. So many companies today are strictly profit driven, but Milbank is special- we’re driven by people, making this a rare gem in the business world. As we expand as a company, our need to fill new positions grows, too.

Consider this your official invitation to join our Milbank family, we think you’ll love it here. Head over to our Careers page to find our most recent job openings.