What Can Milbank Express Do for You: The Advantages of Milbank’s Field-Customizable Power Distribution Solutions

Milbank Express is the solution to lengthy lead times, offering outdoor power distribution with components and accessories for field configuration. These stocked enclosed controls are ready to ship, with additional accessories available to field-install. Bypassing the need for custom engineering designs, we’re able to offer the same Milbank quality you’re used to, without the additional wait. 

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In short, Milbank Express is the outdoor power distribution solution you’ve been searching for. To learn more about what Milbank Express can do for you and your next project, keep reading.

Milbank Express Units Are Versatile

Milbank Express enclosed controls are designed to be outfitted in the field, so they meet the requirements of various applications, both big and small. With optional accessories, Milbank Express units can be tailored to meet the site requirements during installation, avoiding the longer lead times of custom-engineered solutions. This is where we’re able to save time in development and production. Contractors directly benefit from the all-in-one features of Milbank’s enclosed controls while maintaining tight control of their project timelines.

Essentially, applications that require underground, remote site power distribution are opportunities to move those unsightly, complicated and inefficient strut and backboard systems into a compact and secure Milbank Express product.

Milbank Enclosed Units Are a Safe and Secure Solution

“Safety first” is a statement designed into all of Milbank’s products, and the Milbank Express items are no exception. Every enclosed controls unit is designed and built to meet and exceed standards by minimizing potential points of contact to the users.

This includes safeguards for everyone from utility technicians accessing metering equipment to customers connecting an extension cord for temporary power. Milbank Express products go above and beyond to ensure safe access to the equipment for all potential users.

Security goes hand-in-hand with safety. Milbank enclosed controls and by extension, Express units, employ enhanced security features that also contribute additional levels of safety to the product.

With power theft on the rise, metering products require solutions that prevent unauthorized entry, which is critical when defending against theft, tampering and unintended contact.
Milbank Express security features include:
  • Meter hoods (when applicable)
  • Lockable and isolated utility and customer sections
  • Internal deadfronts
  • External locking mechanisms
  • Tamper resistant hardware

Milbank Express Units Are Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

Standard enclosed controls and Milbank Express products are an all-in-one package with the intent of saving both time and money. We’ve already built the box and sourced the components, all you have to do is choose your components, order and install.  

Easy installation adds another layer of convenience and efficiency to Milbank Express. Units are crafted with the same level of expertise and care as all other Milbank products.

This is one of the many reasons why Milbank has developed a strong relationship with countless utilities, Departments of Transportation (DOT) and contractors over our 95+ years.

Want to Learn More about Milbank Express Field-Customizable Power Distribution Solutions?

Milbank Express is an enclosed controls solution to save time and money for projects where a fully customized solution may not be required.  The stocked and built-to-order units are available with a wide variety of meter socket configurations to meet the majority of utility requirements, while offering the flexibility to field-install basic circuit protection and componentry as needed.

To learn more about Milbank’s Express visit our website or contact your local Milbank Representative.