Milbank Announces Bill McCarthy as Senior Vice President of Innovation

Milbank Manufacturing is pleased to announce Bill McCarthy as Senior Vice President of Innovation. This new role will align Bill’s passion for research and development with the need for next-generation meter sockets and related products. Bill has the skillset to cultivate strategic partnerships with external stakeholders, including industry associations, technology vendors and research institutions. This will accelerate innovation, assisting Milbank in outperforming its competition.

Bill joined Milbank in 2017 as Vice President of Engineering, and in 2023 he was promoted to Senior Vice President of PWRvance. Bill came to Milbank with experience in the electrical industry from his days at Cooper B-Line, a direct competitor of Milbank in the meter socket and enclosure product lines. Among other positions, Bill held the positions of Director of Product Engineering and Vice President of Engineering while at Cooper B-Line.

Brad Skinner, Milbank President and CEO, is eager for Bill’s transition to this new role and the positive impact it will have on the company: ‘Bill’s wealth of experience and proven leadership will undoubtedly enhance our company's trajectory. Bill's new role will further strengthen our commitment to excellence and innovation.’