Milbank Appoints Brad Skinner to Chief Executive Officer

KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 26, 2018 – During the recent Board of Directors meeting for Milbank Manufacturing, Brad Skinner, President of Milbank, was unanimously elected Chief Executive Officer for the company.

Skinner began his career at Milbank 32 years ago on the production side of the business, eventually being promoted to Production Manager of Milbank’s manufacturing plant in Concordia, Mo. From production, he transitioned to the sales department where he held various positions leading to the role of Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Sales Officer prior to being promoted to President in March of 2016. In his newly-appointed role as CEO, Skinner will have oversight of all aspects of Milbank’s business and be responsible for formulating the company’s long-term strategies, focusing on growth and innovation for the future.

“Brad has proven himself to be a strong leader for Milbank, putting together one of the strongest executive teams in company history,” said Trina Henke, Chairman of the Board for Milbank. “Over the last two years, he has diligently focused on our product-driven strategy, working with the manufacturing team to bring equipment and innovation into our production facilities. As a member of the Milbank family, I truly appreciate his dedication to our family and company for the past 32 years and am confident our best years are ahead of us,” added Henke.

“Milbank has been like family to me,” said Brad Skinner, President and CEO of Milbank. “I have been fortunate to work in many areas of the business throughout my career and cherish the legacy of this company. We have an amazing team of people at Milbank and I am excited for our future growth as we focus on new products and innovation.”

As President and CEO, Skinner will continue to focus on the organization’s long-term vision, leading the executive team to foster innovation and growth, and position the company for continued growth and success for their customers and partners in the electrical industry.