Milbank Celebrates 35 Years of Memories with Allison Howell

Every milestone in my life, my Milbank family has been there to support me.” Allison Howell is celebrating 35 years of service at Milbank, El Dorado. A second-generation employee at Milbank, her father was employed at Milbank many years ago as a press operator.  Milbank El Dorado was the number one premier plant at the time, and its team took pride in every quality product produced.

What Makes Milbank Different

So many memorable moments and individuals stand out to Allison while employed at Milbank.  Over the years, the Milbank family has celebrated her bridal shower, baby shower and first housewarming.  They never felt restricted by a department. “We’re one, big, happy family,” Howell remarked.

Supervisor Nadine Owen, a mentor and confidant, will forever remain in Allison’s memory. Nadine worked in Final Assembly and ensured that Allison was trained and prepared. Each day is a new adventure, working hard and enjoying every minute of it.

What Makes Allison Different

Allison is an ordained and licensed minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church with over 30 years of service. Having pastored at several churches, Howell was recently promoted the Women in Ministry president of the 12th Episcopal district. In fact, a couple was fortunate enough to have her marry them… in the break room. “Milbank has molded me to show character in difficult situations,” Allison remarks on her 35 years with the organization. Milbank is lucky to have such an accomplished individual on its team. Congratulations, Allison!

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