New Milbank power supply unit replaces corroded equipment for City of Sandusky, Ohio

Two old corroded units used for bridge lighting are shown on the right and the exterior and interior of the new custom built cabinet is shown on the right.

Left: A rusted unit powering lighting on the Route 250 highway bridge in Sandusky, Ohio.
Right: Newly installed unit powering lighting on the Route 250 highway bridge in Sandusky, Ohio.

Corroded Street Lighting

The Route 250 highway bridge in Sandusky, Ohio had a corroded electrical supply enclosure powering its street lights. The old unit was rusted and falling apart, creating an unsafe area, not sustainable for the future. The unit contained a power-supply load center with interior conductor circuits that were too large to put in a standard breaker. The challenge was to create a more permanent solution to continue providing light for the bridge.

Safe and Secure Power Source

Milbank engineers were able to replace the outdated, rusting unit with a more clean, safe and secure power source solution. The new aluminum enclosure contains a load center and is raised off of the ground with a concrete base. The updated power source unit now includes terminal blocks in order to accommodate larger conductors and has room to grow with more components in the future like additional circuits, photocell, Hand-Off-Auto switch and more.

Download the case study.

Benefits of the new cabinet is it has the ability to hold more components, is more secure and is aesthetically pleasing.