Enclosed Controls/Commercial Pedestals

Enclosed Controls/Commercial Pedestals

Power Your EV Charging Station YOUR Way!

Milbank offers several options when building an enclosed control to power your EV charging station. Don’t pay for components you don’t need, customize your own pedestal today.

Milbank enclosed control distributing power to Evergy EV charging station.
  • Self-contained meter sockets up to 400 Amps, CT rated for higher amperages
  • Factory-installed surge protection
  • Integrated transformers
  • Compact offering with small footprint
  • Main disconnects and customized branch distribution
  • High short circuit current rating
  • Utility friendly isolated line-to-load areas

All components in the commercial pedestal are covered under Milbank’s UL508A listing.


Milbank enclosed controls can offer all the functionality you need for your EV charging station, without wasting time or money on accessories you don’t. All enclosed controls are UL listed, protecting your investment…and your customer’s vehicle! Replace unsightly strut systems and switchgear with one aesthetically pleasing enclosure, customized to meet your needs.

W-size Milbank enclosed control with higher amperage powering EV charging station.

Available Features

  • Non-, single- or dual-metered
  • Single- or three-phase configurations available
  • Self-contained meter socket or CT rated
  • Ringless and ring type
  • Dual voltages available in the same enclosure


Four different Milbank enclosed controls powering EV charging station in different locations.


The Alternative: Strut and Backboard Systems

  • Vulnerable to power theft
  • Longer installation
  • Visually disruptive to green spaces and cityscapes
  • Larger footprint
A strut farm with each component separately installed and vulnerable to power theft.


Illustration of how Milbank enclosed controls power EV charging stations with cars parked next to stations.