Multi-Position Meter Sockets

Milbank's multi-position meter sockets are designed to meet the metering needs of apartments, condominiums, strip malls and other applications where two or more meters are required. These products can range from two to six meter socket positions in a single enclosure and come in a variety of configurations both horizontal and vertical.


  • 100, 150 or 200 Amps per position 
  • Ringless and ring type 
  • Center and side wireway line side entry options available for both overhead and underground applications
  • No bypass, horn bypass and lever bypass options
  • Studs or line side tin-plated lug options available
If purchasing additional lugs, order K1539 (350 kcmil), K1540 (600 kcmil), K1350 (twin 350 kcmil), K1541 (twin 600 kcmil).

Popular Product Numbers

There are many versions of our multi-position metering products. These numbers represent some of the more common base numbers, but different regions will have separate utility requirements and that may include different suffixes, so contact your local rep to see which products are approved in your area.

  • U1252-U1256
  • U2872-U2876 
  • U8212-U8216 
  • U2852 
  • U2872
  • U5882
  • U5902

The range of products allows for multiple adaptations. In addition to serving multi-tenant residents such as apartment buildings or strip malls, Milbank multi-position meter sockets can aid in cellular communication. Take the custom designed K6342 pedestal that powered cellular repeaters in Milwaukee.

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