Be Prepared for NEC 2020 with Milbank Meter Mains

As NEC 2020 starts to be adopted across the country, single position residential meter sockets will need an emergency disconnect. Milbank’s U6281 series meter mains are compliant with NEC 2020 sections 230.85(1) emergency disconnect requirement and 230.62 enclosed or guarded
service equipment requirement and could serve as the right solution for your project.

Note: meter mains do not require a load center to be compliant with NEC 2020. Always check with your local utility to see what products are approved in your area. Milbank is working hard on solutions to ensure our products meet NEC 2020 requirements.

Contact Rouzer for approved products in your area or to find your nearest purchasing location.


  • 100-200 Amps
  • Extra branch circuits
  • Feed-through lugs
  • Interlock kits available for generator backup power
  • K5815: Large frame main & small frame generator breaker
  • Lever bypass
  • Overhead/underground feed
  • G90 galvanized steel with powder coat finish
  • Single phase
  • NEMA 3R enclosure
  • UL listed
  • Manufactured in the USA
Insulator (left). Breaker with insulator in place (right).
The U6281 can be used for both residential and commercial applications.
residential homes
commercial strip mall
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