SME Recognizes Milbank for Training Excellence

Training in Manufacturing award given to Milbank by SME.Milbank has been dedicated to continuous improvement since the beginning, focusing not only on product but also on employee happiness and training systems. These efforts show through in our dedication to employee development, which includes systematic training in our manufacturing plants and a team dedicated to improving employee training.
This focus on employee development was recognized in December 2020 when SME honored Milbank with its inaugural Excellence in Manufacturing Training Award. SME is a nonprofit association of professionals, educators and students committed to promoting and supporting the manufacturing industry. With this new award, they sought to recognize a manufacturer that “demonstrates an exceptional commitment and education to upskilling the workforce, enhancing talent, and preparing new and incumbent employees for a successful career in the manufacturing industry.”
The award focused on six categories that included how training efforts align to business strategy, quality of instruction, training infrastructure and acceptance by employees and how training is assessed. Milbank’s adoption of Training Within Industry (TWI) focuses on creating a systematic form of training that engages new employees in the process so that they not only understand what to do but why they do it. This approach encourages questions and suggestions for improvement, including employees in the way processes are developed so that they begin to take ownership of their roles.

Employee development has been one of three key initiatives at Milbank in recent years. “Our goal was to create a comprehensive training program that would increase job performance and satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies,” said Tami Green, Learning and Development Manager at Milbank. “We are proud to train, educate and prepare our workforce for a successful career in the manufacturing industry," added Green.

For efforts to improve employee training, Milbank also won the Manufacturing Talent Development award from the Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) in 2018. Read more about our commitment to employee development.
To learn more about Milbank’s adoption of TWI Job Instruction training and the effect its had on employees and production, attend SME’s free upcoming webinar on March 25. Milbank leadership will discuss successes and challenges in training and development.