Heavy Duty Meter Sockets

Milbank heavy duty meter sockets have a lever-operated bypass to allow for safe removal of the meter while electricity stays connected—with no power interruption.

Basic Breakdown

  • 100-320 Amps self-contained
  • Also available as CT rated 80 Amps
  • 600 VAC
  • Single phase and three phase
  • NEMA 3R enclosure
  • UL listed
  • Constructed from G90 galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel*
*for select products
Renderings of a meter main, gang socket and condo pack all with a heavy duty lever bypass.
Milbank also sells heavy duty meter mains, gang sockets and condo packs available at 240 and 600 VAC.
Bypass is not a disconnect switch. Do not open or close bypass under load unless meter is in place.
Close up on a rendering of a heavy duty meter socket and what the lever bypass looks like.

Why Heavy Duty

Whether you’re concerned about safety or product quality, Milbank heavy duty products have you covered. Utilities are requiring safer products to protect workers in the field. The added safety components boost product performance.


  1. Lever in the up position places meter in bypass mode
  2. Spring-loaded jaw clamping
  3. Units up to 200 Amps have molded lay-in lugs
  4. 320 Amps units have studded block for mechanical lugs


  1. Protects from coming into contact with live components
    Increasingly required by utilities
  2. Tighter jaw clamping capability
    Better electrical connectivity, which produces less heat
  3. Allows for faster wire installation
  4. Flexible, can use with single or parallel wires
    Ideal for going to multiple load centers
Illustrations of a standalone drive through restaurant and of a salon.
Common applications include commercial buildings such as standalone fast food restaurants and salons. More utilities are requiring for residential applications.


An exterior shot of the front of a strip mall.
An industrial complex.
The front of three houses standing next to each other.