Terminal and Tap Boxes

Milbank’s tap box was originally designed to help a utility prevent power theft. From the long blank trough with laid-in wires, people were able to tap in and steal power before it reached the meters. The tap box solution made the wires fed into and out of the box secure. 

Now, tap boxes have been adapted for use beyond the initial design. A great option for multi-tenant applications, the tap box takes power from the utilities and then distributes that power to multiple end users. A three-point latching system and padlockable cabinet make the enclosure secure.

A rendering of a Milbank tap box, showing the interior of the enclosure.

Popular Product Numbers

Popular product numbers:

Features and Benefits

  • Safe & Secure
    • Padlockable, three-point latching mechanism comes standard with all units
    • Additional penta bolt locking mechanism (optional) to further protect against power theft
  • Easy Installation
    • Wall- or pad-mount installation options
    • Stainless steel hardware kit included for pad-mount installation
    • Lightweight aluminum enclosure
    • Select models have a smaller footprint; ideal for applications with limited space
  • Durable Enclosure
    • NEMA 3R rated
    • Aluminum powder coat paint finish helps prevent corrosion
  • Multi-port ground lugs included
  • Ideal for housing developments, strip malls & apartment buildings
  • UL listed
  • Made in the USA

Common Applications

Partial shot of the exterior of an apartment building colored blue and yellow.
Apartment Buildings
The exterior of a ship malls with shop fronts lit up by street lights.
Strip Malls
The exterior of a row of house fronts made of brick.
Housing Developments

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