Milbank at IMARK Expo

2021 IMARK Electrical Product and Services Expo

Welcome all IMARK Product and Service Expo attendees! (Not an attendee? That's all right. We're happy to have you here.) On this page you'll find flyers and links to useful information covering all three of our product all stars at the 2021 event. Want more information or looking to buy one of these products? Go to our contact page to find your local rep or a Milbank expert who can help.

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Power Distribution for EV Charging

Cold Sequence Combo

NEC 2020 Updates

EV Charging

Electric vehicle adoption is becoming more widespread across the United States and many cities are taking steps to help support this growing demand. Help build the infrastructure communities need to eliminate that problem of driving EVs out of town.

Check these out:

Webpage - Create a customized solution for EV charging

Flyer - Case study: Milbank helps build charging network in KC

Flyer - Pedestal capabilities for EV charging

Flyer - A more advanced look at EV charging capabilities

A green Milbank enclosed control provides power distribution for a nearby EV charger.
Renderings of Milbank fused and non-fused cold sequence combos.

U6550: Non-Fused                         U6552: Fused

Cold Sequence Combos

Cold sequence disconnects cut power ahead of the meter so that the electrical parts within the meter are deenergized and safe to work on. Milbank's latest cold sequence offerings put the disconnect and meter inside one enclosure, cutting down on installation time and taking up less space. Both fused and non-fused options available.

Check these out:

Flyer - Fused cold sequence combos

Flyer - Non-fused cold sequence combos

NEC 2020 Updates

The latest National Electrical Code update effected several Milbank products. We have updated our product offerings to meet updates for sections 230.85(1), 230.62 and 230.71. See what these code changes call for and what Milbank has done to meet them.

Check these out:

Webpage - Milbank meets NEC 2020 update requirements

Webpage - Milbank meter mains meet NEC 2020 updates

Webpage - Milbank U5168-style meter mains

Flyer - Meter mains compliant with NEC 2020

Flyer - Information on the U5168-style meter mains

Rendering of a U5168 meter main updated with bushing to meet NEC 2020 requirements.


Rendering of a U6281 meter main updated with bushing to meet NEC 2020 requirements.