Enclosed Controls/Commercial Pedestals

Enclosed Controls/Commercial Pedestals

Power Solutions for Your Smart City

As cities today navigate the ever-changing world of cellular infrastructure, Milbank can provide integrated solutions to power cellular radio controls and other communication equipment. As a key player in powering the communications industry, Milbank provides many options for AC/DC power disconnect, distribution and protection and has worked with all major carriers to provide infrastructure power. With pad-, wall- and pole-mounts of several sizes and configurations, we can be a discreet solution to fit any size application.

Milbank enclosed controls are a solution for integrated power distribution and can be used in numerous applications throughout your city. With metered and non-metered options, Milbank’s NEMA 3R constructed enclosed controls can be used for power distribution to EV charging stations, traffic signals, street lighting and cellular radio controls—all inside one enclosure! Enclosed control solutions are UL listed and available as service entrance rated. Milbank enclosed controls are currently being used all over the country and have been approved for use by numerous utilities.

  • Configurable breakers
  • Metered and non-metered
  • Integrated fiber connections
  • Several latch and locking mechanisms
  • Factory-installed surge protection
  • Various cabinet entry options
  • Scalable size depending on load and project requirements
  • Powers 4G/5G telecommunications

An illustration of people in a park holding smart devices with a city skyline in the background.

Common Applications

A pole with wires and a box attached for small cell capabilities.
Small Cell
Telecommunications tower for 4G and 5G communication.
4G and 5G
A row of people all using cell phones and smart devices.
Don’t limit your power distribution to cellular radios. Other applications for Milbank enclosed controls include:
Illustration of a light pole and traffic light.
Municipal Power
Illustration of booths for an outdoor festival and a ferris wheel.
Site Power
Illustration of a telecommunications tower and smart devices.
Illustration of an irrigation system.
Motor Control
Illustration of outdoor stadium and a parking sign.
Outdoor Lighting
Illustration of EV charging capabilities and ATM services.
Power Distribution


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