Milbank’s air conditioner disconnect has a removable hinged cover that makes wiring a breeze. Our compact design meets NEC wiring space requirements and also complies with NEC section 440.14. For safe working conditions, our disconnect pullers may be removed and reinstalled in the OFF position. Additionally, padlock provisions are included on the front cover. As with other Milbank products, our enclosure is constructed of G90 galvanized steel and electrostatically finished with an attractive, light gray, baked powder coating. Our epoxy/polyester resin blend offers a finish that is both durable and fade resistant.

Air Conditioner Disconnect | 30-60 Amps

Two Milbank AC disconnects that both come in 60 Amps.
U3802                                    U3812
A popular Milbank AC disconnect available in 30 Amps.
  • UL listed as Enclosed Pullout Switch 
  • NEMA 3R 
  • Weather resistant 
  • 1-inch concentric knockouts
Popular 30-60 Amps A/C disconnect product numbers 

Air Conditioner Disconnect with 20 Amps GFCI Receptacle

Two Milbank AC disconnects. The one on the left is available in 60 Amps and the right has a GFCI receptacle.
U3862                      U3822-20GWR
  • Meets NEC #406.8 requirement
  • Meets NEC #210.63 requirements  
  • UL listed as Power Outlet  
  • NEMA 3R  
  • In-use cover
  • Duplex ground connector  
  • 1-inch concentric knockouts  
  • 1Ø, 240 VAC  
  • 60 Amps, non-fused 
  • 20 Amps GFCI receptacle 
  • Reset/test button  
  • Weather resistant 
Popular 20 Amps A/C disconnect product numbers 
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