Enclosed Controls

What is a Commercial Pedestal?

Commercial pedestals, part of Milbank’s enclosed control line, are weather-resistant electrical enclosures consisting of a utility pull section with optional meter socket and a customer section containing distribution and control equipment. They can be used anytime underground power distribution is required as a safer, more secure alternative to strut and backboard systems.


Milbank commercial pedestals provide a safe and secure enclosure to protect electrical distribution and control components, keeping the power flowing to critical traffic technology. Our battery backup traffic pedestals include batteries, switching equipment and fans for thermal control can use multiple brands of battery backup systems. Our slimline traffic pedestals come in 12" and 20" versions. Side utility section allows for very close placement to walls and other obstructions.

Outdoor Lighting

Milbank lighting control pedestals contain a load center for “always on” loads that includes a main circuit breaker, as well as a load center connected to a PE receptacle and contactor for timed, controlled loads.Optional light shield for PE receptacle helps prevent light cycling due to automobile headlights. Pedestals can be painted any color to match and blend in with surroundings.

Sports Lighting

Milbank commercial pedestals are capable of including sophisticated controls for athletic lighting systems, including timers, pushbutton starts and buzzers to warn when the lights are about to turn off. These units can include remote monitoring and control equipment to track usage and ensure system is working properly. Milbank commercial pedestals can also be configured to support additional loads for concession stands, scoreboards, utility sheds, etc.


Milbank commercial pedestals can provide an all-in-one solution to energize and protect the irrigation controller, breakers and GFI receptacles necessary to keep water flowing through sprinklers and pivots. These pedestals come pre-wired and can be installed in under an hour with use of Milbank's pre-drilled box pad. A wall-mount option is also available. 

EV Charging

The number of electric vehicle charging stations will increase dramatically in the coming years. Milbank designs power distribution solutions for these units with many options for customization. Dual meter option is available for applications when lighting and EV charging usage need to be metered separately. Pedestals can be skinned with logos, designs, or custom color schemes.

Events and Festivals

Outdoor concerts, fairs, swap meets, seasonal festivals and other events can create some challenging logistics when it comes to electrical distribution. Milbank can design custom commercial pedestals to fit over manhole covers and add features like in-use covers that can connect cords to all loads while keeping the cabinet locked and secure. Options include high amperage main breakers for heavy loads, receptacles included to specifications, and metered or non-metered configurations. 

Stocked Pedestals


CP3B "ML" Main Load Center Series

CP3B11115A22 – 100A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B12119A22 – 200A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B51115A22 – 100A, Ringless lever bypass
CP3B52119A22 – 200A, Ringless lever bypass


CP3B "SL" Switched Load Center Series

CP3B11110A22SL1 – 100A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B12110A22SL1 - 200A, Ring type bypass block
CP3B51110A22SL1 - 100A, Ringless lever bypass
CP3B52110A22SL1 - 200A, Ringless lever bypass

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